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I'm sorry if this was brought up before, but I didn't see it on the forums. The only thing I saw was the ability to mark Wormholes.


SUGGESTION 1: (good)


As I play the game and run out of room, I have to drop stuff on occasion with the idea of coming back later to gather the supplies. Wouldn't it be great if there was some way to leave markers or even comments on the map. This way I could drop some supplies, leave a pin/marker on the map and then come back later. This would also solve for the Wormhole request, because then you could leave a note or just circle two Wormholes as you see fit.


SUGGESTION 2: (evil)


Another idea—if you really want to screw with people—would be to make the map perishable. What if it smeared if it got too wet? Or worse yet, burned if you got too close to an open fire? You could even make it an item. You would have to find/make/use parchment and charcoal to draw a map. This would also allow it to be lost or even stolen from a frog. That would really mess with people if all of a sudden their map was gone or a portion was burned or smeared.


See, it's a give and take world out there. Give us the ability to markup and add notes to the map, but then take it away... literally.


Just some an idea.





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