A couple SUMMER suggestions (to add)

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I had a couple thoughts while living through a Summer.

1. Jerky should dry faster (and I know it already spoils now)

2. Maybe only 1 rain? Or something similar. It is the only season with no precipitation. Maybe even like... dust storm? Maybe it could blow raondom things to you (I really like tumbleweeds. Saved my life many times)

3. You should be able to be hit with the Fling-o-matic. Freezes you when it detects youre too hot. Risky, but I feel risk is a big thing in this game ;)

4. Summer bird? There is a winter bird, so why not something like a hummingbird? Not sure what other birds are "summer".

5. Sunflowers! :)

If I think of anyhting else Ill post it! I play this game quite often, and would LOVE to see one of my suggestions make it to the game. :)

I love your game, and after finding this forum and the Wiki, I love it even more! I play on PS4, but plan to buy it for PC as soon as (if ever) the Dont Starve Together comes out! Cant wait for more content, I knowIll be buying it!!!

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I think they should implement dust storms to be common in the dessert biome and maybe a rare chance that it will hit you no matter where you are kinda like frog rain but the summer variant. Perhaps you take damage over time or your sanity decreases while exposed to it if you dont wear the appropriate clothing? 

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I thought the precipitation meter in Summer determined how much shade you got, which would make the temperature a little less intense. Might just be a visual thing though, I don't know if that actually affects how quickly you overheat, but it's at least noticeable when it would be raining or snowing in another season that it's significantly more shaded in the Summer.

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