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two recipes for one item

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Trying to add a way for Webber to make his own rope. In the Webbers file right under the code for making the spidereggsack I have ...

local nest_recipe = Recipe("rope", {Ingredient("silk", 2)}, RECIPETABS.REFINE, TECH.NONE)


Now it adds in the power to make rope from two spider silks just fine, but removes the old way of making rope. I want both ways to be open for Webber. Going to do the same for traps but with custom art I hope later. But this seemed like the most simple place to start.


I am very noobish to modding and thank you for looking at this post!

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There is another topic regarding this issue: LINK the (apparently gay) hero


It is not possible to have two recipes for one thing at the moment, and quite likely it will stay this way.


EDIT: You could work-around by having the player create a dummy prefab which looks like rope, but gets replaced by rope as soon as it exists.


I like my dummies

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That's a smart way of doing it. Would you happen to have an example? Like I said I.m pretty noob to modding Don't starve and I am finding adding new buildings and editing kinda hard. If not its ok you have given me the idea and ill work with it till I make heads or tails out of it! : 3

Thanks again!

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