Bees Not Losing Aggro - Standard Behaviour?

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I've noticed recently that when I harvest a bee box, the yellow bees that emerge do not lose aggro on me.....ever.


I can literally run through 3 biomes using a path, and a minute or two later, there they are - still following me. They don't stop for flowers, they don't stop for night. Shades of "The Terminator".


It's quite annoying.


My question is.....does anyone else see this happening in their game? I suspect it might be some mod-related, but if it is, weeding out which mod it is can be quite a chore (I have 25 active at the moment).



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Yeah, I'll have to do it that way.


I only have one mod that in any way involves bees (and shouldn't affect their behaviour), so I'll try that one first then work through the rest if that isn't it *shudder*


ETA: It's a bug in the latest version of "Fish Farm". I've dropped the creator a line.

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