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[HELP] Can't get the custom tab icon to appear.

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So, I created the custom tab with one recipe (for testing purposes) but for someone reason the custom icon I created won't appear.

In the Modmain I added the assets

    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/hud/tab_sorcery.tex" ),    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/hud/tab_sorcery.xml" ),

and lines for the tab and custom recipe


In the Wayne prefab I added this

local sorcerytab = {str = STRINGS.TABS.SORCERY, sort=999, icon = "tab_sorcery.tex"}inst.components.builder:AddRecipeTab(sorcerytab)	Recipe("redgem", {Ingredient("goldnugget", 2), Ingredient("charcoal", 1)}, sorcerytab, {SCIENCE = 0, MAGIC = 0, ANCIENT = 0})

Is there something missing?

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