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  1. Ah geeez. Change me to Sushi Priest.
  2. I want to join. I'll be Sushi God.
  3. Strange... Did you came from tumblr? ._.
  4. I know this is not the place but I just saw this message "Please, use the pronouns they/them/theirs when referring to me." Can you explain, please? G.G
  5. I request that you start using a scanner.
  6. Yes I am. And I like your art, even the ones with yaoi shipping stuff.
  7. But I stayed up till 5 am drawing this im posting it where i can gosh dangit
  8. Nice works. But only if you inked your drawings...
  9. Well, oopsies Sorry, habit of mine typing those words.
  10. Well, "we" deserved it. And since I don't consider myself Brazilian and I don't like soccer, I'm not giving *****.