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Creating a complete list of DS Comics

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So, I've started looking around for Don't Starve based comics, and I keep thinking it would be nice if there was a list of links all in one place.  So I'm attempting to collect as many as I can and put them all in one place. Now, I've just barely started, so I only have two major ones so far, I'm hoping you all can help me find more. The two I've found seem to be the big ones:





But I'd love to have more and it seems like it would be convenient for everybody if we had a list. So post your links here!


(By the way, I'm sorry if someone's already done this. I couldn't find anything. If it already exists, would someone please point it out to me? Then we'll just pretend this whole thing never happened.)

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Add ZombiDJ and RavenCrow. They've got multiple comics so you should probably ask them how they wish to be linked.

EDIT And please, give those links in post #1 proper names. A good list of DS comics don't start with link-blabber.


k, I'm gonna sound like a moron here, but is there some way to edit my original post that I'm just not seeing? I realized my mistake with the links as soon as I'd posted it, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to change it.

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