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Don't Starve 138/1000 Days Survived Goals and Achievements!

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What about..Kill 100 Smallbirds (Or hatch..fine)Defeat 10 Spider QueensDestroy all Spider Nests, Beehives and Tentacles,with keeping 10 Spider Eggs from them at leastBuild all bee boxes you canHave every of cooked food (In crock pot)Acquire stack of butterGet Krampus Sack (Good luck with these two especialy)Build 10 Pig Houses (If you dont have enough stone,dont do it)Mine ALL the rocksMake your name out of fireflies,gold,lumber,stone,or anything you prefer ( Meaning dont do it out of manure )Get 5 Chests full of one Crock Pot food item,excluding Wet Goop and Meaty Stew

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