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Custom headstone/epitaph dialogue?

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Does anyone have any idea how to modify the headstone/epitaph dialogue for individual characters? In particular, a new character mod?

I saw this floating around on the forums in another thread:


Posted 22 November 2013 - 01:08 PM

simplex, on 21 Nov 2013 - 6:28 PM, said:snapback.png


Among several other issues: missing commas, STRINGS.EPITAPHS as table keys, assigning to a function call (which is setting the description to a random number)...


local function ModEpitaphs(inst)
    if GLOBAL.GetPlayer().prefab == "warmond" then
            [[Click click click click]],
AddPrefabPostInit("gravestone", ModEpitaphs)


Well that just freezes the game in place after clicking on a gravestone (headstone).



TheDanaAddams, on 21 Nov 2013 - 09:55 AM, said:snapback.png

Wilson's lines are treated as "default" - if you don't have a character-specific description, it will use Wilson's.


Oh right. Sorry. I meant to ask how I do change the epitaphs. Since every character will say one of the 4 epitaphs which are.

  •     "Here lies some guy. Blah blah blah."
  •     "This headstone is blank"
  •     "It says: 'Milk. Eggs. Bacon.'"
  •     "Hey that's my name!"

See now I couldn't find the file that actually HAS these lines and the gravestone.lua file says only that these epitaphs are used randomly.


But I'll look at Wilsons speech file I guess.


Nevermind. I think I might have found it. I keep forgetting to look at strings.lua


Inserting this would work right?

STRINGS.EPITAPHS[1] = [[Here lies some guy. Blah blah blah.]]
STRINGS.EPITAPHS[2] = [[This <span class="searchlite">headstone</span> is blank]]
STRINGS.EPITAPHS[3] = [[it says: 'Milk. Eggs. Bacon.']]
STRINGS.EPITAPHS[4] = [[Hey that's my name!]]

I've tried using that as a base of sorts and after digging through the strings.lua file, I've tried placing these attempts in the speech_character.lua to make it work:

EPITAPHS =    {        "Here lies some guy. Blah blah blah.",        "This headstone is blank",        "It says: 'Milk. Eggs. Bacon.'",        "Hey that's my name!",    },
Epitaphs_1 = "Here lies some guy. Blah blah blah.",Epitaphs_2 = "This headstone is blank.",Epitaphs_3 = "It says 'Milk. Eggs. Bacon.'",Epitaphs_4 = "Hey, that's my name!",

Looking around otherwise didn't find me any information. :c Evidently I need to define it specifically for my mod character? How would I do that?

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Maybe you can overwrite the table after an if-clause/function (seriously don't know how those are called, never read a single book). That's just an idea, and most likely it won't work because it'd be already loaded. How does WX-78 deal with that?

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