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My incomplete KlK mod

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2014-07-05_00001_zpsdccc8886.jpgRyuko the schoolgirl.


This was my first mod and will be my last mod. I'm a huge fan of Kill la kill, and just wanted to play Ryuko Matoi in game.


Obviously from klk (kill la kill), Ryuko matoi is a very basic character mod with custom stats, and custom textures, and that is it.


Sanity: 45


Health: 500




Here's the problem. I don't have the time or the energy to finish this mod. It took me a week to pull this together, (albeit on and off), and I don't feel like adding to it anymore. Originally, I wanted to create items for her such as the scissor blade or whatever, but I won't be making it. I really love this mod and believe it has potential. That's why I'm posting it, in hope that someone out there will have some interest in it. I give everyone permission to use my assets, textures whatever. Just in some way credit me for making them.


link to workshop:


link to handy .zip with all the pngs:

will make layter


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I can't really help, don't know she and I'm not a modder, but she's a little OP, just look at that HP! 500 is much, the higher it could be is 300, and it would still be a little OP. But, you don't have to take my opinion.

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