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  1. Now can anybody tell/help me with the layout for the actual animations? I've been browsing around the actual files of the original game, and I need my item to actually have function animations. From the .tex files I can see there are 5 different angles of an item (ie, but there isn't a tutorial on that on Klei yet. Anybody know the layout of that so I can autocompile it into a working swap anim zip file?
  2. The way I did it is that you should have myitem and swap_myitem right after exported; in the myitem folder the myitem.scml, a modified .zip file, and a second folder named myitem with a picture of the ground animation in the swap_myitem folder, pretty similarly: a swap_myitem.scml with a mofidied .zip file, and a second folder named myitem with the swap animation.
  3. @Kzisor, mind telling me how you compiled the working anim file? I'm basically having the same issue.