Ally Bugs

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Yes, you heard me right. You've probably experienced it. You go down to the ruins with your army of 129840976501795612859701985 pigs, find 1 broken clockwork, decide to fix it, and your pigs go kill it before it has a chance to do anything. and chester. Oh, poor chester! Does EVERYTHING want to KILL him?! And smallbirds. They are great. By far, I think they are the best thing in the game. But if you have pigs, and you have a small bird hatching, Uh-oh! there went the egg. And the fact that when small birds grow up, they turn on you. I think that they should still follow you around until death. Because, if, for say, some guy spends his life collecting tallbird eggs, then he's got one heck of a war in about 50 days. (true story) 


And pengulls are INCREDIBLY broken. They used to walk back into the ocean, but on one of my worlds, they stayed there. It was summer, and they still stayed there. All their eggs had rotted, the ice they stood on melted, the oceans cried for them to return, and they still stayed. And one time, as I walked by, heading back from my leafy meat farm, they suddenly started crying as if I provoked them, and suddenly, faster than anything in the game, they practically teleported to me and ripped my face off, even with my thulecite suit and football helmet.


These are very bad, especially for people who haves mods that feature allies, As this often disrupts gameplay and makes it nearly impossible.


And fix the bug where when chester gets tired of you, he wanders around the map. (By that I mean chester becomes un-responsize)

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