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Weapons and Why:

Just now, when I asked myself what would happen if melee weapons were implemented, I quickly came to the conclusion that either the game would be too easy or instadeath would occur on the first night, due to too little armour/weapons.

If the only weapons available had ingredients that were to be acquired by awakening a new mob, a highly dangerous one, one that could kill you in an instant, on it's own, if given the chance. The act of 'awakening the new mob' and getting the ingredient would have to be left until a late stage in the game, when the character is valuable to you, lest players begin a new save file, get killed by the mob, rinse and repeat, until the character survives.

What weapons, and weapon tiers could be implemented? Please tell below.

Dungeon Islands

A island surrounded with tall walls, filled with large, open roofed chambers that split off in multiple directions into other chambers, the hallways in between being small and trap-filled. I was thinking it could look like ruins. It would be filled with unique mobs, as well as some that could be killed only with some weapons, such as a mob on walls that puked black slime or globs onto the player below, and needs to be shot down with a bow and arrow.

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