Will DST have LAN?

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If not it should. I miss LAN in most games now. Or splitscreen at least would be nice.

This is all that is shared and known at this time. 



One part in the thread says:



"How you'll play.

So how will your games be played? Well we aren't all the way there yet, but we are working toward a few things here. This is pretty straightforward stuff.

First, dedicated servers. We will provide a standalone server that will allow you to set up your own dedicated servers on whatever host you want whether it be from home or from a 3rd party host.

In addition, you will also be able to play local games that you will not need to run a dedicated server to play. So, all you couples and families can not starve together"

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Which game with game joining by IP and port does not have LAN support? Just type in the local address, it works the same as over the Internet.

The only significant difference that I can think of is that in a LAN you can broadcast messages to all nodes, so the game can autodetect servers and clients. But this would be a convenience feature, not a necessity.

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