Some Thoughts/Suggestions on Adventure/Survival Mode

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I recently bought Don't Starve last Friday, as it was on sale for barely four dollars and looked like a bunch of fun. And I, as a fan of both roguelikes and survival-type games, was greatly pleased with what I got - the game is immersive, creative, and atmospheric.


However, I feel that Don't Starve lacks a good payoff. This feeling mainly comes from how jarring Adventure Mode is, considering it is contained inside of Survival Mode. Adventure Mode's greatest detriment is that it does not matter how far you progressed in Survival prior to entering Maxwell's Door. Starting Adventure on Day 1 is no different than starting it on Day 185. And really, that just makes my efforts feel sort of pointless, especially considering there's no penalty for dying in Adventure Mode other than the fact you have to start Adventure Mode over again.


Due to this, I feel like Adventure and Survival Mode should be split apart again, with the mode being selectable on the main menu, before you start a new game. Adventure Mode being contained within Survival Mode just doesn't make any sense, since nothing you do in Survival effects what happens in Adventure. Instead, I feel that Survival should have its own final boss and ending, one that is directly tied in with your progression through the game.


The first location that comes to mind for a "final boss" of sorts in Don't Starve is the ruins. Even getting to the ruins in the first place is incredibly challenging, and dealing with the dangers inside is even more so. Obviously someone who just started Day 1 wouldn't be able to get that far. In fact, they likely wouldn't be able to get that far until past the first in-game year, which helps tie in to the fact that the mode's name is "Survival." This would, I believe, add a reward for all the progression in the game, and pose an interesting challenge for people who have already played the game for a while.


I have no really specific ideas for any sort of boss, although considering the fact that the ruins are the roaming grounds of various shadow creatures, it would make sense if the boss were some type of shadow creature too. Perhaps even a battle with the "heart" of the Night Monster, the one outside threat that can always be encountered every day and everywhere.


As much as I like the game, it detracts a bit from my enjoyment that the only real goal in the game is entirely detatched from everything I've done already in Survival Mode.

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I died in adventure mode and came out into survival mode when it was completely dark and couldn't find my torch in time and died...


That aside, there's no real penalty to dying in survival mode except that you have to start over as well.


Survival mode is the menu area for adventure mode!


You have to survive in survival mode long enough to find the door to adventure mode.


I love the fact that the only way to get to adventure mode (without cheating) is to go through survival mode...  Survival mode is like the waiting room even.


You die in survival mode, you start over.  You die in adventure mode, you go back to survival mode and start over.


If you don't like having to go through survival mode to adventure mode you can always spawn a door from the console.


I think its well designed for new players the way it is.


I say leave it alone Klei.  I love the adventure mode inside the survival mode....  I look forward to more doorways to other adventures though! :)

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I don't mind having to go through survival mode to access adventure mode, but that's only because it's extremely easy to do so. The main problem is that there's just no point in it being that way. If both modes are entirely separate from each other, why have one be contained within the other in the first place?

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