Burning Hunger mode

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Suggestion: a game mode in which every day, your hunger bar gets longer.

Call it ironman or hardcore mode or something.

So on day 1 you have just 50 food at full food, then every day at dawn, multiply it by 1.5. It'd take the same amount of time to go from full to starving, but would obviously take more food to fill you up.

It'd be simpler to balance than winter, krampuses etc, and it'd effectively mean that you'd be trying to survive starvation as long as possible -- building huge farming empires and berry farms, making tons of firepits to manage the plantations through the night, going on hunting trips etc, and forced to explore to find more materials for non starving.

The intention: I want some way to play the game where starvation is always a danger and the driving force behind exploration.

Ideally the character would always at some point be overwhelmed by the need for food; it's up to the player to see how long they can go until that happens.

Maybe having baby tallbirds effectively does this by having more mouths to feed, i dunno. Havent played the latest build.

But right now, all my deaths are "stupid mistakes" violent deaths like oh ****, i forgot my 40-stack of cooked morsels was in the backpack when i swapped to armor, or oh ****, i clicked on a tree when i was trying to run away from something scary. I've never actually starved or come close.

So everytime i die, it's like: i'm going good, i'm doing fine, oh whoops, didnt mean to do that, now i'm decaying.

whereas in this mode, starvation deaths would generally be from simply being overwhelmed.... because you weren't efficient enough, you didn't explore enough, etc.

And they'd bring with them that delicious cold certainty that the death was avoidable. Like all the best roguelikes. ie, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup :-D

to quote:

< nrook> that's what's so great about Crawl: every time, you don't even have rage at the chance of the heavens to sustain you; you know, with a cold certainty something like that of a priest who has lost his faith in God, that your death was caused by none other than yourself, and that a better man could have avoided it.

I suppose a great big problem with this suggestion is, at some point, the hunger will be so fast that the only way to survive will be to just eat and eat and eat and do nothing else.

If players can reach that point, then better to cap it before that happens -- call it the 100 Day Challenge or something.

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