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A more cartoony Wilson


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I've been doodling Wilson in my notes for various classes exactly as he appears in the game for a day or two now and decided to sit down at my tablet and take a different approach to drawing him. This was the product.


I quite enjoy it. I need to work more on the shading, though. The way I did it here is very lazy and doesn't look as good as it could. I also need to work with larger resolutions, so I'll be doing that for my next Don't Starve fan art.

I'd like to ask the more experienced digital artists who might see this to give me some constructive criticism as well as some tips for Photoshop that I might not know. I'm pretty new to digital art, so anything is welcome. My tablet and Photoshop skills are very amateur.

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Pretty much rule one and the rule I care about the most: No matter how bad the art is, if the imagery and composition of the shot is compelling and interesting it is good.

The technical proficiency of it is clean and simple, I'd like it if it had some meaning to it. Meaning is hard.

I use Gimp instead of Photoshop, it's freeware. It's worse though so if you already have Photoshop don't bother.

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