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  1. Very true. I like your idea, but I'm not sure how generous Vultures are.
  2. A quick search turned up that a user named jujubomber has already suggested these in a thread a while back but they're something I've been thinking of all day today. On the bus this morning my girlfriend was talking about seeing Vultures on the apartments across the street from hers (a rare sight around here) and that got me thinking about Don't Starve, naturally. Here's my concept art on them: I've already posted this in my fan art thread but I figured I'd post it here as well. Since Vultures are scavenging creatures, they are brought about by death. Death plays a large role in Don't Starve and their look would fit in pretty well in Don't Starve. Upon reaching a low amount of health, Vultures would appear around Wilson and track / hunt him. When Wilson reaches a critical health level, the Vultures can attack. These Vultures would be biome-specific creatures so you aren't always in danger of being finished off by these birds when you are weak. The Vultures could also be lured by dropping raw meat on the ground. You could capture them with a bird trap, or perhaps advanced bird trap because they are much larger than a crow or cardinal, and harvest them to either keep as a pet (which is an idea I'm very keen on) or kill them. Killing them would produce raw meat, feathers, and perhaps talons to be used for something. Pet Vultures would defend you from monsters stay with you provided you keep feeding them raw meat. If you don't keep feeding them, they have a chance to fly away. The Vultures would be kept on a bird perch rather than a cage. Thoughts?
  3. Thank you! The torch interaction wasn't really a planned thing and I still can't see how it would react that way with the moon, however. I've added a new concept to the thread on Vultures. I'll probably make a thread about them in the Suggestions subforum if there isn't one already. Haven't actually looked up if they've already been suggested as of yet. EDIT: Here's the link to the thread I've made in the Suggestions subforum. A user named jujubomber also posted about them in a thread where he presented various suggestions for the game a while back so I figured it was alright to make a whole new thread just on Vultures.
  4. I've decided to create an entire thread for my art rather than spam the board with multiple different ones. This thread will more than likely be updated at least once a week because I'm constantly being inspired by other people's art as well as the game itself. Updates: Monday, December 17, 2012 - Added Vulture concept art. Monday, December 17, 2012. This morning on the bus I thought up an idea for a new mob in Don't Starve. There's a significant lack (zero) of birds of prey in Don't Starve. A Vulture is brought about by death, which takes a large part in Don't Starve. Vultures would be attracted to meat laying around on the ground but can also track / hunt Wilson if his hunger or health is very low. That idea alone would bring about a great challenge to the game so said event would have to be pretty rare or you just wouldn't have a fun time standing on the edge of life of and death looking for some morsel of food to heal yourself. Here's my concept art: I quite like this idea and drawing it was pretty fun. Vultures are neat. Here's a link to the thread on the Suggestions subforum on the Vultures. __________________________________________________ Here's my most recent sketch (not anymore), one of which I've drawn twice already in my notes for class whenever I have downtime. I really like it. Clicking on the above image will take you to deviantART where I've also uploaded this. Expect this for following works as well. I've really got a grasp on this new style of drawing. I've only ever really had a knack for drawing things that don't exist but making all of these fan arts and sketches inspired by Don't Starve has really been a breath of fresh air.
  5. That Smallbird is adorable. I'm really happy to see a lot of artists on this site, inspires me to draw myself. I really like this style, good work!
  6. I've been doodling Wilson in my notes for various classes exactly as he appears in the game for a day or two now and decided to sit down at my tablet and take a different approach to drawing him. This was the product. I quite enjoy it. I need to work more on the shading, though. The way I did it here is very lazy and doesn't look as good as it could. I also need to work with larger resolutions, so I'll be doing that for my next Don't Starve fan art. I'd like to ask the more experienced digital artists who might see this to give me some constructive criticism as well as some tips for Photoshop that I might not know. I'm pretty new to digital art, so anything is welcome. My tablet and Photoshop skills are very amateur.