The 5th Elements

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Right now in Don't Stave the characters have to face the elements, and its awesome.  Rain is terrible (I as a player love it!), winter is cold, summer is hot, etc.


I was thinking it would be neat if you guys threw in a 5th season! (Heck, maybe a few more too! - Instead of just a 5th)...


Its a crazy world, why not!?


In order for the game to keep its charms for the new players of the future, this 5th season shouldn't come along until after the player has survived for 100 or so days, maybe 200 or 300 even, in a single world.


However, I'm thinking the 5th season could be something really strange and cool, to spice things up for those who are trying to survive for thousands of days.  Sure, sure, things are always getting more difficult as the wolf packs get larger and such, but at the same time things become rather retinue pretty quickly after you've got a system of collecting food and other resources as well as and protection from the packs.


What 5th Season!?  Well, I'm hoping you guys at Klei can come up with something way cooler than I can think up, but here's more to go with this suggestion all the same:


The season of darkness... Right now players can choose dark-all-the-time as an options, way cool!  What if the sun just vanished from the 'normal' game for a full season... 16 or 20 days of darkness... Oh, and plant's don't grow without sunlight. :(


Or the season of daylight!  16 to 20 days of daylight, what!?  I can't sleep with a bedroll because its too bright, and beefalo never sleep, and where are my blue and green mushrooms?  Oh course, daylight all the time is easy!  No need for torches, or head lamps, yea! ... Well, summer fires are a pain, but maybe something else strange happens when the sun is always out... Maybe the character starts loosing sanity after a few days of nothing but daylight, and maybe some other strangeness might happen.


How about the season of the angry trees?  Or the season of the angry bees?  Or the season of the wicket witch where all the flowers are evil for the whole season, day or night?


Thanks for reading my idea(s).

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