Shape Shifting Magic

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I think it would be neat if there was another level of magic or possibly a character, or possibly a character with a special level of magic, that allows the character to shape-shift into other creatures.


It would be neat if the player could craft a magical cloak or mask (hat) to wear and change into an animal-like form.  In the animal form the player wouldn't be able to have a backpack/vest/shirt/etc. (Of course if its a cloak then they wouldn't be able to have those things anyway.)  Also if it is a cloak and not a mask, no other hats.  Basically, the player would have the new advantages and disadvantages of the 'creature' they've become but lose the ability to carry things around... except maybe one item with the mouse.  No tool bar, nothing in the player's hands (so no axes, torches, etc.)


Each 'form' could (as mentioned) have its own advantages and disadvantages.  Like perhaps an owl-like-form that allowed the player to see in the dark (like the mole mask) and do a leap attack (so they could quickly kill a rabbit or bird) and a regular leap that works a little bit like the lazy explorer.  The player's sanity could drop while in this form.


Another form could be a bear-like-form that has powerful claws and jaws for attacking, and lots of hit points, maybe some natural armor, stays warm in winter, but its hunger goes down very quickly.


I'm sure people can come up with lots of animal forms.




I'd love to see this as either a special character or perhaps a rare form of magic.  To perhaps be in the above owl form, the player might have to collect a lot of feathers, along with other bits and pieces to make the mask... While to take the bear form the player might need to collect a lot of fur and meat, as well as other bits and pieces for the magic.




Oh, and if its not a special character with the magic... Maybe the robot can't shape-shift.  Maybe Webber and Woody can't either.

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