Some slightly more short-term suggestions

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Excess made a post about "more feasible suggestions", and while I think players should still be able (and encouraged) to make longer-term suggestions for how they would like to see the game turn out (the devs can always just ignore any suggestions they dislike after all) He did have a point in saying that more minor tweak and bug fixy suggestions would probably be more useful to the team at this point. So here's a few toned down suggestions i've noticed from playing the game.1. making stumps removable with shovel. Doesn't really involve new animations or too much extra coding, the stumps are obviously entities in the game, just add an interaction with the shovel to them so we can get rid of them.2. it would be nice if there was a "hard mode" or something like that where any research you've done or research points you've saved up don't count. I love that they currently carry over from one attempt to the next, but sometimes i do kinda wish i could start a new world and see how far into research i can get without any previous research without completely erasing my save data.3. the traps could be made a little better. once you figure out you can slice and dice the cute little bunnies with a little patience/planning then the waste of that much grass and valuable branches makes it so you'll never build a trap again. If, maybe, traps could be reused (when you pick it up you get the trap back plus whatever food happened to be inside) then it'd make them a bit more useful. Maybe give them a damage rating like the tools where each use takes like 10%.4. until you find a better way of making flint and stone more renewable you could add it as a random drop from graves5. other players may hate me for suggesting this, since rather than use chests they just throw their collections on the ground, but i think it would add an extra bit of difficulty (and maybe help keep our worlds a little cleaner) if the ravens occasionally picked up items that've been laying on the ground too long. ravens do like shiny objects, after all.

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