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How do you create character models that look 'Dont Starvish'

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The drawing style is quite loose and fairly simplistic. The line of action is also quite prominent (the curve the entire body will follow) and really dictates a pose. My advice (from when I was learning to mimic it) is use your whole arm, and don't be afraid about taking a few tries to get a line (without undoing/erasing) and short strokes as opposed to long flowing ones are also okay. 


This model sheet I find helped a lot in understanding how the expressions were made. :-)




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I want to know the reverse. How can I make a character model that looks like it doesn't fit in? Say for example, a character with more realistic proportions (as opposed to the chibi-ish ones in Don't Starve), or maybe a character that's really big or little. Or one that is a quadruped!

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