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[Multiplayer] Teleportato Adaption

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Zandorum    28

So, I was thinking about the Teleportato and how it could work in multiplayer. I came up with the following:

1. The Wooden Thingy and the parts required for it to make the Teleportato can be disabled making them not spawn when the world is generated.

2. If one player uses the Teleportato it would require all players to go to the Teleportato and also activate it to continue.

3. It can be toggled to be an Admin/Moderator/Host only thing (Meaning only the Admin/Moderator/Host can be the first person to activate it).


I feel this would allow it to work in multiplayer and only really be viable for CO-OP and not public servers. This would make it more of a for friends thing than anything really.


Now I had an idea of how to make it work for full fleged public servers which would be a toggleable option that would make it so that instead of doing how "2" works you could make it so the world it creates is handled the same way Caves work being a seperate instance. Now to keep save file bloating from being an issue there could be a "Maximum Active Worlds" option that you can make so you can set how many new worlds can be made. Once you would hit the Cap for the new world there could also be an option that can be toggled that if you try to go to the new world you would go to the original world so you can loop. Also If a world is created all players will go to that world if they try to go to the next world for example: Player A uses the Teleportato and goes and generates a new world, then Player B uses the Teleportato and instead of generating a new world they spawn in the world Player A made; This would be true for all Players that would try to use the Teleportato meaning Player C, D , E and etc. would all go to the world Player A generated.


Sorry for this ^ wall of text.


Hopefully someone likes my Idea's (I personally would like the 2nd idea instead of the 1st idea but the 1st idea is a more restrictive easier to make idea which I think Klei would like to do more than the 2nd Idea assuming they like these ideas at all in the first place).

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