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Celebrating Your Greatest (or Worst) Worlds

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Everyone always likes to flaunt how they altered there worlds and crafted amazing bases to combat and thrive in their worlds.  But I've noticed that no one has ever shown the world they have conquered.  Because, let's face it, there are some aspects of the Don't Starve World you simply cannot change no matter your ingenuity or your skill.  Like where that Pig King Spawned, or where the nearest Frog Ponds can be found.  Sometimes you just get lucky and the world comes together beautifully and other times it is just a nightmare.  So here is where I propose to place those worlds that you find are stellar and also those where you gave them one glance and couldn't help but go "WTF Mate?"


Currently I, playing as Webber, was blessed with an amazing map by the RoG Gods.  Natural roads connect me to nearly all the needed destinations, wormholes connect me to all the needed desired destinations that are too far to walk, and all the immovable/unbuildable features of the environment fell right where I needed them. So here is my world.  What do all of your's look like?



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I got lucky on this one... the only thing I regret is building where I did. There are buzzards around my base constantly, and they're total jerks. In hindsight, I would have cleared out my mosaic biome down below and built there. All in all, pretty happy with it though. 


Colored circles represent my wormhole connections. I dropped a spider egg near my pig guardians, but hardly use it, the swamp has given me more than enough silk thus far. 



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