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Sanity mod request

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(That's not a personal request, but a request for a mod I'd like to see published)


So, basically, I'd like a mod where insanity is a WAY bigger problem than it is currently. I have a few ideas right now :

    - When totally insane (below 30 sanity), the night hand will become a real threat : when you walk on it to scares it, it will rise from the ground and start attacking you. It will occasionally make an AoE attack that will blind you and decrease durability or strength of every light source in range.

    - A more dangerous and creepy hallucination may appear when at 0 sanity : something you won't be able to see, that will teleport in a bunch of smoke around the player in the screen, destroying and killing everything it touches when teleporting. After this phase, it will start to screech, dealing some damages, and will run in the face of the payer, like rooks do, but WAY faster. The last phase will occur during night : it will show himself, revealing a shadow watcher, and will summon a night hand and two terroreaks. Once killed, it will drop some nightmare fuel and a few purple gems, with a low chance of dropping a purple staff or a purple amulet.


Can anyone code this ? And what do you think of it ?

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