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  1. I'm trying fix the problem but still cant work... SO sadddd
  2. Why everybody can using minimap HUD mods except me ((((
  3. i think im using the latest version. Cause i download it on the main page. I just downloaded the new version of Don't starve about 1 months ago.
  4. Oh. Im playing the Reign of Giants. Some other mods are having the same problem like this. But i solved, i just change the api from 6-5 or 5-6 in modinfo and it worked. But with this mods i dont why i cant.
  5. This is it. I hope you can help me.
  6. Yes.Do what i have to do. I dont know why but so sad!
  7. a Scrips folder, modicon.tex, modicon.xml, midinfo, modmain all in one folder named MinimapHUD @.@. I put this folder to mods and nothing happen. Keeping "Crashed on last start, automatically disabled" well i took a pic so i hope this help
  8. Tks for answer me! I cant even enable it, it said "Crashed on last start, automatically disabled" in the mods menu
  9. It work perfectly. Why after chopped the tree she/he cant auto pick the items?
  10. Hi! Why it said crashed??? Anyone can fix this? Update: No one help me?