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Wacoom´s art

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Hello, I´m Wacoom! 

And I want to show you some Don´t Starve fan art I´ve made.


First one I made. Wilson in front of the moon.




Personally I think the body is too large.


WX-78 going into Adventure mode through Maxwells portal.




I really liked how this one turned out. Except thround thing on top of the portal is too big. I gotta work with better proportions.


I decided to go to a random page on the Don´t Starve wikia and draw what came up.




So what you you think of my Don´t Starve fan art? Should I colour the last two drawings? Stay tuned for more art coming!   :wilson_ecstatic: 

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I just woke up. I´ve been drawin this all night. It´s not done yet. I´m thinking of maybe adding  a science machine

to the camp. And some snow and darkness. 


So here it is: 




I hope you like it! :-)

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