Ok OK DON'T HATE MEH (suggestions)

WEREHOUND :D (i have no life)  

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  1. 1. Werehound thing

    • Yeah, lets just murder our friends . . . (wait that came out wrong . . . )
    • NO DAS A BAD IDEA! WHY DID YOU SUGGEST THIS! *Punches TheGentleManScientist*

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THIS IS JUST A WHOOOLE LOT OF SUGESTIONS I HAVE NOT THOUGHT THROUGH UNTIL I FEEL STUPID FIVE MINUTES AFTER I POST THIS.  Okay what about more were beasts, and mmmaaayyybe letting there be slim chance for werewolves (or were hounds).  Maybe make it different from woodie's thang.  Just like a murderous monster type deal, and the player has no idea that they have it.  Until a full moon, and then they almost murder EVERYONE!  Heh? HEEEH? (  Maybe add little hints that they are a were beast.  ER MA GAWD I would play the heck out of multiplayer if that happened.  Like you get attacked by a varg.  Then the cure could be a mixture of plants and sttuuuufff.  

(This will not be a poll :I ) Also what about getting kidnapped by those pigs at the totem poles.  A server message could say "TheGentleManScientist was captured by pigs!" then it give you a symbol on your map.  Maybe after a day, they would kill you, but your friends could rescue you.  (They can't capture anyone else since they already have someone)


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So more or less what you're saying is there should be events featured in multiplayer to spice up the gameplay a bit?

Yes!  Since it is multiplayer, people might want more challenges to complete.  Having road blocks can prevent completing a game too fast.  (well . . . not including the harsh seasons, giants, hounds, and about everything else) 



EDIT: Also Maxwell enjoys screwing around with people and messin them up.

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