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Science machine

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Hi :)


I was wondering, once you have build an alchemy engine, do you still need the science machine?

Can't you just prototype all the things you could prototype with a science machine with an alchemy engine?

Basically what i'm saying is, do i really need to keep the science machine or can i just break it down because it is taking up some space in my basecamp which i could use for other things.

Do you guys know anything about this?


Thanks :)

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Hmm, k.

Thanks :)

Btw, would you know anything about techniques for farming butterflies?

You can plant some flowers next to each other (though you gotta catch some butterflies for that) and then kill the butterflies as they appear from the flowers. You can use your fists(or a walking cane) to kill them to save weapon/tool durability aswell. If you didn't get them before they fly away, wait for them to sit on a flower then whack 'em. The more flowers you have, the more butterflies you get!
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It's the same thing for prestihatitator, once you get shadow thing, just get back your hat!


And butterflies are easily killed with your bare hands if you know their brain.

They appear and make a flying loop(you can kill him the entire loop but he fly away right after that), he fly for 3 seconds(~, more if you purchase him), make a chosing loop(don't get fooled, without speed boost you can't touch him, it's the first part of the flying loop. And he run to the nearest flower.If he don't find any flower, he will make another flying loop(kill him again) and fly etc and chosing loop etc...If he found flower, he will stop in it and he is really easily killeable

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