The Goat(SPOILER if you didnt already know)

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with a logsuit and a better weapon as a spear (there is some), he is not too hard to defeat.

One tip

Hold your logsuit ready all the time. If you are in trouble you can just drop your backpack and take it to fight everything without dying to Soon.

Later you can take your backpack from the ground. Items inside will not disappear.

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I thought you were talking about beefalo...Anyway, how did you spawn krampus on day 6? So, answering your question, it's to stop total abuse of rabbit farming with 1 carrot, and bird farming where you stand on the seed, it's not meant to inconvnience you, but rather to balance the game.Sir Spielesocke, he isn't just coming, he's coming because of your naughty actions, don't do too many of those, and you'll never face a krampus.

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Lagoe i also thought they were talking about beefalo P: WHOA I JUST MADE A NEW KEYBOARD FACE BECAUSE OF A ACCEDINTAL TYPO P: so anyway he will not come back with your items he just goes into his coal and item filled sack and runs off and in case you didn't know krampus was invented as a myth a long time ago (i think somewhere in the 1800s) that after santa came and delivered the presents krampus would come in and kill all the naughty children

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