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I liked tommy3242's character suggestion so i though i would share my own.



My idea is an explorer based character called Walter the explorer

He would wear a classic explorers outfit and have brown/grey hair.



He would start with a explorers backpack which would be a backpack that had 9 spaces.

He could also start with a walking cane but that could be too strong of an advantage paired with his other ability and the explorers backpack.

He would also have a slightly higher base speed than the other characters.



His large explorers boots(not actually an item)mean that paths do not increase his movement speed.

He is not use to a cold environment meaning he gets cold slightly faster in winter.


Tell me what you think and reply what you think should be removed, changed or added to this idea


-Imgonnasuggeststuff  :wilson_cool:

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If you grew up or stayed in a hot climate for a long time, you wouldn't be used to the cold either. Simple logic.

but if you stated in the cold climate long you would get used to that? maybe it switches? that would make it even worse of a disadvantage  :nightmare:

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