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1 season speedrun

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Hey guys I just did a 1 season speedrun (race to day 21) with Wilson, DLC enabled, all default settings.

(it spawned me in spring).

I started my timer after maxwell was done talking and reached day 21 in 53 minutes 55 seconds.


Was wondering if anyone else was interested in this kind of speedruns and also giving everyone a time to beat.



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well first thing you need to find rocks and 1 gold ASAP (day 1 if possible) so that you can unlock bd roll

then yea you need a TON of grass 

its 9 grass per day for a bed roll

The food is actually not that important as long as you have just a little bit to eat before and after sleeping

I didnt even use a crockpot for this challenge mostly ate raw food and a few cooked meat and frog legs and birchnuts

and also once you feel you have the time for it you can go kill some spiders and make a siesta lean to but if you use it you will have no time to pick up grass for bed rolls so you will run out of grass insanely fast.

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