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MOD Request/Suggestion


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I have no talent or any knowledge in creating mods but I do have a suggestion...

I think most of us saw the mod Up & Away... soooooo... why don't we create an underwater world?


We could maybe do it like this...


During the spring season, we would be able to find or create a boat or raft. 

We use this to sail the seas then we get swallowed by a whale then we find ways to get out then we end up

in the bottom of the sea. While inside the whale we find a blueprint for a diving suit plus an actual diving suit. o.o 


What do you guys think about this?

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Please, do not write with center mode.

I think it is NOT a good idea cuz of:

1. Water=Ground... only food goes down.

2. How do you want to pass the border? (And then back?)

3. Some trolls will just go Away (w/o Up).

4. How the hell will whale work?

I think it is a good idea cuz of:

1. I want to kill these fishmen that making me rage in every while of my dark being.

2. We probably will can go fishing for special things.

3. Some trolls will just go Away (w/o Up).

4. That means new character to play.



1. We can mod it.

2. Through port maybe?

3. Maybe do the border of water. (Itiiagico: or not. They can go. DS world will be better w/o trolls.)

4. Maybe replace with Athlantis?

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