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dont starves progressive difficulty.

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lets start by saying death should be inevitable in a game such as this.


now once you start the game as a begginer sure you will die to majority of things trying to figure out methods of how to get rid of them and potentially run into other various scenarios resulting in death. unfortunately for your sandbox mode after about one winter the game flatlines for difficulty.


an acceptable solution would to make certain things in the game progressivly get harder such as sanity drain per season, variance in hunger, and of course additional content that would endanger the character. but of course the content portion is one that most devs refute in most cases because thats the most time/effort. i dont really care how its done but the game needs to have incremental increase of difficulty throughout sandbox mode or just introduce it as a different preset mode. yes you can make things harder on yourself by cranking up certain settings to achieve certain death but thats quite the opposite of what is being projected here.


the change of the generators settings alters starting inital difficulty and you still hit that wall at some point where as some for of increased sanity/hunger alterations over time would be progressive.


or better yet why not introduce age to the character hindering certain actions over time if you persist in one world. maybe add the option of certain death at x age allowing for people to progress through as many machines as they can before reaching it.


there are plenty of ideas around this to expirement with and some are not even hard for the devs to implement given the games design already. it would be like a few minor scripts to be made and no models or anything.


this also helps solve people whining about nerfing everything as everything becomes illrelevant at some given point or that specific item/resource is no longer sufficent to your survival.

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