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Collapsed Rabbit holes

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Ok, newbie here ... just bought Don't Starve + ReignGiants.


Played my first couple games and how do you get collapsed Rabbit holes to produce rabbits again...


Also, now that RoG nerfed (made more difficult) Rabbits what are some other early game food strategies.

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Rabbits won't come out in the spring. They'll go back to normal in other seasons. It might still say it's collapsed for awhile, but if it's not spring, they'll work normally anyway.


If you manage to find beefalo, making some farms isn't a bad idea so that all the seeds you pick up are much more nourishing. The most important thing, though, is probably to make a crockpot to throw all the random things you find in with one (or more) piece of meat so you get meatballs; even monster meat is fine for this as long as you don't use more than 1 monster meat. Don't use any big (e.g. not a carrot) farm-grown food in the crockpot, except for dragonfruit; all of the other things are better to eat by themselves.


You can even use Ice and Mushrooms to pad out the meatball recipe in the crockpot. Pick the mushrooms you find, and try to remember where there's lots nearby because they'll regrow each time it rains, which is a LOT in spring.


Tallbirds are pretty good to farm for meat+their egg on a regular basis as well, if you manage to find those; but you actually have to worry about your health assuming you aren't great at kiting them, and making equipment.

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Since moleworm is nerfed, I don't recommend whacking it. But if you have time during dusk, you can still try and kill it(use minerals as bait).Your best bet is to go to a swamp and hope to get some loots, then go to a pig village and give one monster meat to a pig. Use the allied pig as an initiator and wait till the pigs commit genocide. Another easy way to get meat is to make traps, locate a pond cluster, and rear up some frog legs. 

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