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Insane Wigfrid Dream

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I've just had this insane Don't Starve dream.. What?..


I have to type this down really quickly, before I forget anything about this dream, here we go..


Things were normal, I was bashing down enemies with Wigfrid, until the Wigfrid's spirit thing appeared. You know, the thing that randomly appears when she kills an enemy.


Then, from that spirit thing, a blue sword appeared. When I equipped the item, I turned into Lady Justice. It's flippin' weird, I know. Her uniform was light blue, and it was loose, and I can only describe by saying it was "greek-ish".




When I took off the blue sword, I turned back to the normal valkyrie we all know. I discovered that other pieces of Lady Justice could be found by.. DAMN IT I DON'T REMEMBER.


Super fun dream, nonetheless.

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