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[MOD] Small Scale Natural Selection

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I'm working on mod that will create a small scale simulation for natural selection, 8 species. It will have creatures grow and change based on what is in their environment and how that effects them.


The idea is to have each species have three seperate variations for each of their limbs, which will then have advantages and disadvantages attributed to them. These advantages or disadvantages will then be passed onto the creatures children, and, over the course of a few generations, a limb will change into a different variation depending on whether their parents/grandparents/great grandparents flourished or not. 


I am in the early stages of developement so the art is unpolished and strange looking, but I am working towards having most of it down by the end of May. This is my high school senior project, so I will be making bi-weekly or weekly updates to this thread if you are interested in it. 



Natural Selection




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