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So there are 3 main presets in Don't Starve I really like them cause well it saves time when having to like well change options back and forth. But Ive been thinking about your own custom presets. Being able to create your own preset with your own settings and naming it. Like For Example I've wanted to make a "Chaos" preset where everything is set to lots or yes and everything. Before you ask i have tried it before and yes thats how i got the name ... its really well idk. But you get the point like recourses could all be set to lots and beefalo could be lots. Idk these are my ideas but It would be cool if you could make your own preset to use in the future as it gets kind of annoying having to change the world settings every single time. Just a small well big idea to change for Dont Starve i do take into mind of how much programming that has gone into the game and i respect if you cant add it. But just saying want to put this out there.

Oh yeah this would be cool for challenges you could download other peoples presets and play them as the challenge states.

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+1. You can mod your own ones in without too much issue, but it'd be nice to have an option that doesn't involve messing with the core files (which I've already resorted to).

lol i have reasons i havent tried this 1. Im on a mac and i secures all the config files etc like heck 2. to lazy 3. if i did ill screw up bad XD but you know would be nice

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