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Personal Challenge: Mandrake Army

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Okay, I'm going to try my hand making a personal challenge.



  • Mandrakes turned to "Lots"
  • Time turned to either "Long Dusk" or "Long Night", depending on preference
  • Flowers turned either to less or off
  • Frog rain and normal rain turned to "More" or "Lots"
  • Mushrooms turned to "More"



The name of the game is to try to collect all mandrakes in your world, keeping as many as possible alive. There are also other rules, like:


  • You must pick at least half of your mandrakes at dusk.
  • You cannot kill off any mandrakes on purpose.
  • Your mandrakes have to be at your base each day.
  • Every full moon must be spent at a grave.



The first few days were fine.

On day 6, almost all of my 9 mandrakes were killed by hounds ( You might want to wall them in if possible )

On day 7, I cooked a mandrake without knowing they'd K.O me, thus knocking me out until night. Luckily, it was a full moon. ( Keep this in mind )

On day 9, I was killed by an eyeplant.




I am currently making another world, so I'll keep you updated on it.

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