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Shank 2 Linux Missing Shaders and Textures


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Shank 2 on linux is missing shaders and textures. This is most noticable on level 2. Its even game breaking when you get to the boss at the end of the level because you cannot see the fire bullets or whatever you wanna call them that he shoots at you. Im not sure if theres more things missing from the game but Im sure there is. Please fix this! It makes me wonder now if theres things missing from mark of the ninja and dont starve...I'll be looking at those soon.


System Specs


OS = elementaryOS Luna (Ubuntu 12.04 based)

Kernel = 3.14.1

GPU = Nvidia GTX 660

Driver = Nvidia-337.12


Windows Screenshots






Linux Screenshots





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  • Developer

Hmm, you can try checking the integrity of your cache to ensure all of the files are there, but there should not be any textures missing on the Linux version.


Is the driver version you posted the latest one for your video card?

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Checking the integrigty of the cache was one of the first things I did. Yes, 337.12 is the latest nvidia driver for linux. Just so you know though this issue is present on driver versions 331.xx, and 334.16 drivers as well. I have not tested the 319.76 driver or earlier. Also the missing shaders and textures seem to pop back into the game very briefly then disappear again if I press shift+tab to bring up the steam overlay and then press shift+tab again to exit the overlay so maybe theres an issue there.

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  • Developer

Can you try going into your video settings and changing the Distortion and Bloom settings to see if it makes a difference?


Unfortunately this issue was not reported by other Linux players.

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