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Key Already in Use

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First and foremost, I completely apologize if this is not the area for this; however, I searched the forums and could find nothing about a customer service section... so I figured I would make the post here. 


I recently just got off deployment, and while on deployment, I was following Don't Stave closely, anticipating its arrival. Unable to make purchases where I was stationed I had my little brother purchase the game (and after learning that he got the beta-access) he got a chrome key for me to use when I returned home. I thought to myself, this is awesome! I get to enjoy the game right when I get home, and it is a gift. I quickly read up and learned about moving from a stand-alone in Chrome to being put onto Steam (to support the rapid growth and expanding development of the game; woot!); however, when I followed the directions, and got my Steam key from the Chrome browser, I put it into Steam and it is telling me that the key is already in use on another Steam account. My brother checked, and the key that he used is different, so I was wondering if the key that was give to me was wrong, or has been stolen? Please give me more info on this as soon as possible. Thank you! :)



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