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Those DARN tentacles!


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I've been lucky enough to spawn on a world with a pig camp just nearby a swamp, so I witness an eternal pig struggle every time I go there. There is also a spider nest added into the mix, so often I find monster meat, pig meat, pig skins, silk and even tentacle spikes lying around!

Of course I've been trying to take advantage of this, hiring a few pigs and leading them to their misery so I can pick up all the loot. However the pigs tend to eat everything during the fighting (greedy buggers), and when I run in to pick up an item or maybe poke at the tentacle a bit, I tend to get annihilated - in fact I just died 3 times in a row to a single tentacle with 4 pigs surrounding it! My question is, does the tentacle do AoE damage or single target damage? The animation leads to think it might hit everything around it, but sometimes I can hug it while it fights the pigs and I don't get hit at all, while other times it kills me for simply looking at it :C

Yet to achieve my piggy hat :(

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I just started a second game after the Naughty & Nice update, and I ended up with a nearby swamp with a lot of spider lairs. It all

, but later in the upcoming 2 episodes it was -I AM NOT KIDDING YOU- an all out war between tentacles and spiders.

Sorry if I get you interested in my series (probably not, nothing you haven't seen before) and spoil the first few episodes for you, but the spoils of war from that swamp is outright ridiculous. I get tons of tentacle spikes, monster meat, and silk. Nevermind me getting hit there, I still have to find out that they were actually fighting each other. Also, the release notes weren't out at that time!

I'm not sure if that was possible before but eh... the people I've watched playing didn't have a weapon as good as a tentacle spike/spear right off the bat, or that situation of monsters battling each other. It's really funny though, if perhaps a little unbalanced... soooo much loot :)

Just got to be careful snagging it from the tentacles, if they're not dead yet.

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to my understanding, the tentacle attacks are NOT AoE, but they DO cover a fairly broad angle. luckily they only have so much range

Personally, I've found the best way to kill a tentacle is to solo the slimy thing; fashion a football helmet or log suit, and run up to one to trigger it's attack, but back off as Soon as it starts to come up( you'll get the timing eventually). once it has concluded and attack set, which is two swipe, rush in, and smack it once with your spear and back off immediately, which will cause the tentacle to enter into another attack set. Keep in mind, if you wait TOO long for the attack set to finish, the tentacle will straigten out and retreat into the muck, and go dormant for around 4-5 seconds. if that happens, just back off for a tick and then move in to bait the tentacle into attacking again.

Wash rinse repeat about 5-6 times(fewer using a tentacle spike, and/or wolfgang) and you'll kill it real good.

In any case, you want to be wearing SOME kind of armour at all times when dealing with tentacles, unless you feel comfortable enough killing them while unarmored or perhaps you're using wolfgang and you just wanna muscle the thing into oblivion.

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There we go,

is raging, and I pick up the spoils. It would make a funny B movie, too :D

I haven't tried fighting one yet, and I probably won't until I make a log suit... and why would I? I have spiders to do that job! If you manage to pick up the meat before they cannibalise eachother, you'd get even more! Not sure if that's a bit too unbalance-ish.

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As the other person as stated THE BEST way to get drops from tentacles is the kill spiders nests and then replant them in the swamp. I put like 8 of them there and they just outright go to war. You get tons of drops from both monsters (although the spiders tend to eat the meat).

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