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  1. Yep, they would definitely overpowered. I mean, if the devs were to implement doors ever, they'd probably make it so that the doors and all connected walls become indestructible. They'll also electrocute every hostile creature that comes closer than 1 1/2 screens away. They'd also probably make them spit gold nuggets out of the key hole. And you can get nutritious strawberry milk shake out of the door knob that heals you for 50 health and fills your hunger by 100. If you touch them, your sanity goes up to max as well. Did I mention that they'd also give off light in a 2 screens radius? If you have a door in your inventory, you'll also never freeze. You see, and THAT's why doors would be overpowered. Devs just can't add balanced doors or gates to the game. Now you know. There is no such thing as a balanced door or gate. If you didn't yet, now you do. This is what I gathered from most replies to threads suggesting doors or gates. Note: Be careful when reading any of the above, sarcasm can be contagious and cause permanent change to your thinking and perception of reality. Oh wait, I should have told you BEFORE you read it. Sorry!
  2. Being an open-ended game, I think you should be able to obtain all resources in infinite quantities. Of course with consideration of how much per day/harvest/whatever you are able to obtain. Just because someone got a rock rich map and built excessively many farms and made a screenshot of it, doesn't mean that there's no need for it. Some people will always do something in the extreme, and it will appear unbalanced and/or overpowered. Or just because right now there is no way you lose your structures that require stone, doesn't mean there won't be at a later date, or more structures that require a lot of rock and/or cut stone. Saying that there would be too much stone is a wholly empty argument, because all renewable resources are infinite unless you destroy your environment. Lose all pine cones (wood), kill all Beefalos (manure), etc. Personally, I'd like to see actual mines, as in caves. Possibly with the ability to actually dig tunnels with a chance of a cave-in if you don't reinforce the walls and/or ceiling. Yay for cave homes!
  3. Does that mean, if I bought the game on Steam, I can't play it in Chrome? Like, in case I get shivers and need to play Don't Starve when I'm someplace else. I was trying to find my Key on Steam, but it doesn't show the "View CD Key..." option for the game, so I don't think I can try activate the Chrome version. :S
  4. That really pulled me in, very nice. Rest in peace, Wilson (or perhaps as fertilizer on a farm). It reminds me of my first Wilson. I was out adventuring. Eager as I was, grabbing everything I stumbled upon. It had gotten late in on day 13 and I decided to make my way home. But getting sidetracked every ounce of the way, time passed by until the sun went down. In the dusk I was still gathering seeds, and berries, and flint, and carrots, when suddenly a cold shiver went down my spine. It would turn pitch black very Soon and the spiders started crawling about all around me already. I ran towards wherever I had set up my base and my fire pit. It finally came in sight and it was not too late, I was holding the logs to start the fire with in my hands, ready to light it up. My tense face turned from worried to relaxed, in anticipation of a warm and cozy fire. When suddenly... Night fell. It turned pitch black from one moment to the other, just a few steps away from the pit. I must have stumbled as I could not find the fire pit anymore, not for the life of me. I fumbled around hastily, everywhere, but I could not find it. Something hit me out of the dark and hurt me pretty bad. I couldn't help but to panic, even though I tried to keep a cool head and assemble a torch real quick. I was dragging it, and was just about to drop the torch into my hand as I was being hit from the dark, and I should never see light again. Well... yea... *sobs*
  5. There we go, is raging, and I pick up the spoils. It would make a funny B movie, too I haven't tried fighting one yet, and I probably won't until I make a log suit... and why would I? I have spiders to do that job! If you manage to pick up the meat before they cannibalise eachother, you'd get even more! Not sure if that's a bit too unbalance-ish.
  6. I just started a second game after the Naughty & Nice update, and I ended up with a nearby swamp with a lot of spider lairs. It all , but later in the upcoming 2 episodes it was -I AM NOT KIDDING YOU- an all out war between tentacles and spiders.Sorry if I get you interested in my series (probably not, nothing you haven't seen before) and spoil the first few episodes for you, but the spoils of war from that swamp is outright ridiculous. I get tons of tentacle spikes, monster meat, and silk. Nevermind me getting hit there, I still have to find out that they were actually fighting each other. Also, the release notes weren't out at that time! I'm not sure if that was possible before but eh... the people I've watched playing didn't have a weapon as good as a tentacle spike/spear right off the bat, or that situation of monsters battling each other. It's really funny though, if perhaps a little unbalanced... soooo much loot Just got to be careful snagging it from the tentacles, if they're not dead yet.