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Who thinks the already existing characters should get upgrades/ changes?


Wilson: Wilson can style his beard. Purely aesthetic.

Willow: Immune to overheating...

Wolfgang: More resistant to cold (as per a quote of his), tools take less uses depending on what stage he is in (to reflect his increased strength (with more hits needed in his wimpy stage), which would increase the lifespan of his tools).

Wendy: Gains sanity during the night of the full moon? 

WX-78: More resistant to heat and cold (in being a robot). Can't heal normally; can heal with Gold. Having a gear upon death will resurrect WX-78 at the start of the next day with 25 in each stat (except wetness or temperature). Chess monsters not aggressive until attacked.

Wickerbottom: More books (Force start a season, summon a boss? There's a lot of possibilites.).

Woodie: While in Wearbeaver form, attacking a Treeguard restore the log meter.

Wes: Overheats faster. A balloon popping increases his sanity by 5. Needs to be within the radius of at least two balloons popping for it to do damage. Sanity otherwise regain 25% less efficiently (picking a flower gives 4 sanity, for example).

Maxwell: Can read the Codex Umbra (without *activating* it) to reduce Sanity (allows for easy sanity manipulation).


I was thinking of other possible characters as well, like...


'Knows the Map (map begins fully revealed, including Adventure mode and Underground/ Ruins)... 

Not himself (stats aren't visible, status of foods and livestock (how close they are to rotting/ dying) isn't visible, has no indication as to current temperature).

Starts with a a unique backpack with 6 extra capacity, a compas and a Walking Stick.

Stats are Hunger: 120, Sanitty: 140, Health: 160.

Unlock: Discover the entire map with any character.





'Can enter the spirit world'

(Has an item that allows travel to another map (with a shadowy aesthetic); once there, a monsters will have to be defeated. If they are, Whitney enters the map from whence she came with "shadow" tools. The monster's strength will depend on your Morgue; each monster gives a certain tool - the tool and the monster both get stronger depending on how many characters and how many days are in the morgue in total. The monsters also give a Sanity boost when defeated. During this state, Whitney is considered asleep, though her body temperature will not have changed due to this, and hunger reduction is dependant on time. Time changes normally, and Whiteney can still be attacked by Charlie during the night.).

Stats: Hunger: 120, Sanity: 150, Health: 80

Unlock: Have at least eight characters in the Morgue, each with at least 20 days on record. 


So, what are your ideas?

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YES to wilson. Imagine the possibilities with a full beard...

WX absolutely not, but those would be cool for a "female"(WX seems to be a dude) robot.

Willow, gives a purpose to her, but it needs a downside.

Wolfgang, yes

Wendy, yes

Woodie, maybe a little

Wickerbottom, as long as they are balanced

Wes, he has to suck. That is his purpose

Maxwell, sure but I think it is fine how it is.

Whitney, cool

Wade, not seeing stats is impossible to play.

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