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Another very vain request

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Well, I just saw Lord_Battals post, and I was like "Ermagherd I n33d a character mod 2"

But then I realized I had no idea how to code T_T


So this is now a request page! Hooray for vanity/laziness/flaws of human nature!





*Likes the dark

Hugos emits a very faint aura of light (Just enough to protect from Charlie) And has a REDUCED sanity drain during the night


*Amazing singer

In the magic tab Hugos can craft a Shadow Microphone which will scare on-screen monsters away, but drains sanity (Like a One-Man-Band with reversed effect)


*Has an Imaginary "Friend"

When below 100 sanity, a shadow creature named Sugoh will spawn next to Hugos, helping him to attack and spitting off random quotes (Usually insults to monsters) but gives Hugos a passive sanity drain similar to using a garland (But reversed)



To balance the character out, Hugos has a low hunger level (125) that decreases .5x as fast


If any experienced coders could help out with this it would be great since I've never coded before ;)

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