Console activation and hiding keys?

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Please change the default on/off keys for the console or make it a simple toggle. I accidentally activate the "console" on the screen at the worst times. Some key near the ESC key must bring it up, I think the ~ key. But I've tried all the keys near ESC to shut it off ( ~ F1 and 1/! keys) yet none of them toggle the console back off again! I've spent 20 minutes going through Settings and Options and still can't figure out how to remove it. I have to save and restart to get rid of it.


Any key near ESC is the worst possible location. ESC is the pause game key! This is very often used in a dire situation. I hit ESC to pause the game so I can think for a second on what to equip or whether to run or fight or whatever to get out of a bad situation. In short, it's the WORST possible time for a bunch of random characters to appear all over the screen by accident obscuring my view. It's also a terrible time to have to save+quit to clear it out. Usually, I just leave it there throughout the entire the battle/crisis and then save and restart. Sucks to have all the most exciting moments of the game obscured by text overlay.




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