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Resizing Window = Crashing


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I'm sure you guys must already be aware of this issue.  I am running the game through Steam on a Windows 7 x64 machine.  If you resize the game window by dragging the window borders or using the maximize button on the top of the window, the game very often will crash.


Just wanted to post this just in case its something new.  I look forward to seeing future updates!  Eets Munchies is a nice little game!

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  • Developer

When you go into your "klei\eets2\log\" folder, there should be some log files created from the crash.


Can you please post the contents of one of the logs after a crash?

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Hello, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner on this.


I went ahead and tried to recreate this issue today to get a fresh log file, but its not doing that anymore.  I guess my computer needed a reboot at the time or something.


I have some logs from the day it was originally occuring as well but I don't see any error messages.  I have attached a .zip containing the logs from that day so you can take a look at them.


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