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Can we change the "Mushtree" to "Blue Mushtree"?

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A VERY minor complaint, but it's been bothering me for a while. Mushtrees first came into existence with the caves updates. Back then, the only kind of mushtree was the blue one, and it was known as the Mushtree. An update or two later came the Red Mushtree and Green Mushtree, named accordingly. 


However, the Blue Mushtree was never changed from Mushtree to Blue Mushtree; I'd like for this to happen. Seeing as mushtrees are seen with increased frequency due to full moons, I think this little nit-pick has become slightly more relevant. It's not a big fix either, I imagine.

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There are more problems to the mushtrees; when chopped down Wilson for example will still say "That mushroom grew too big for its own good" (not sure exactly what he said) but there is no such thing as mushtree stump and it doesn't have a different examining. Which sucks. I think there is also more stuff to those Mushtrees but can't remember what.

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