New Giant; the Buzzherd

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Basic Description: The Buzzherd is a Giant winged Bird/Bee type creature that Spawns periodicly in the Summer from Killer Bee hives and Rarley from Honey Bee Hives. It appears similar to the Normal Bee, but much larger (20-30x larger in fact), With a large beak and silvery, feathered wings instead of the bug wings. also wears a small crown on its head.


Attacks: The Buzzherd has 3 main methods of attack;

---1): One-Two: Its frist attack, and most common attack is a quick Peck with its beak, followed by a stab with its stinger. The Beak hits hard, but is limited to right in front. The Stinger has much more range than the Beak, (about as far as the Deerclop's AoE Ice attack), but does about 1/3 of the damage.

---2): Royal Guard: Its second, and less common attack, the Buzzherd spawns 1-3 Killer Bees around itself. Will not spawn more if more than 6 Killer Bees are present.

---3): Windswarm: Its third attack is only used after being hit so many times without hitting the player themselves. The Buzzherd will flap it's wings, producing a powerful gust of wind that knocks the player out of Melee range, and summons 5 Killer Bees to attack.


Drops: there are 2 Main drops from the Buzzherd,

--- "33% of 1 Sticky Crown": Use with 1 Red, 1 Green, and 1 Blue Gem to make a "Royal Crown". A upgraded version of the Beekeeper hat, that Protects from Bee damage and stops bees from Agroing when you Collet honey, even Killer Bees!

--- 66% chance of 2-6 "Silvery Down": Used to make a "Calming Net", a upgraded version the Bugnet that has a Longer reach, much greater durability (30 uses), and can turn Killer Bees into normal Bees when caught.


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