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[Challenge] The Mandrake Scavenger Hunt

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Recently i have been getting a little bored of don't starve, (seems impossible) so i decided to make up a challenge to play, you guys can try it out if you'd like! Its called-

     "The mandrake scavenger hunt"


All you have to do, is to try to find as many mandrakes as you can before you die, while you can only use carrots as food, and a mob of bees behind you.. And the time is permanent dusk, so all of the mandrakes you find will be dancing behind you...

If you'd like to try this out, make sure the following settings are set under world customization:






More rules are:

1. You may not set up a permanent camp

2. Each mandrake counts as "1" to your score, if a mandrake dies you lose a point

3. You may NOT pick up any enemy drops, (such as honey,gears,glands,meat ex.) Carrots are your only food source

4. Any characters are permitted, except for ones with weapons or armor (i use WX-78)

5. You may NOT fight any hostiles 

6. If one of your mandrakes gets killed (hostiles ect.) you may not pick it up.

7. No healing with honey or spider glands (No picking up items)

8. However many mandrakes you die with is your final score

REMEMBER! Carrots are your only source of health as well, so watch out for hostiles!

Here are some pictures of my first attempt 




I died with 6 mandrakes (so 6 points)

Try to take a screenshot right before you die so you can potentially post it here!

If you have any suggestions, then feel free to post! If you every try this challenge, then good luck!

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So I tried it out and managed to get 10 before I finally died. It was a fun little challenge though I hated when enemies kept killing my Mandrakes. I had gotten a group of 7 mandrakes before a clockwork rook bulldozed through all of them, leaving only 1 alive XD.


Couldn't get a screenshot since I died suddenly from a clockwork rook's lightning ball off-screen and before I could react the You Died! screen popped up before I could screenshot it.

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Still reminds me of pikmin, will you throw them at your enemy when you collected enough?  :emmersed:

Oh yeah, i loved playing that game.

Pikmin 2 was hard though, i had to reset like 20 times (this is actually how many times i reset, i'm not joking) to get that water level near the end of the game to generate a pattern where my non-blue pikmin didnt get sucked up by the evil jellyfish or crushed by the Frooooogs. (Frogs are annoying in this game too)

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